The Partypreneurs is our exclusive
membership hub for professionals.

We address that awkward work-life balance and how to maintain your sanity in an industry that can leave you feeling isolated and alone.
We are here to support your journey.

We bring you up to date, relevant, educational content.
With our community of like-minded party professionals you’ll grow a network of trustworthy businesses, to learn from, and to grow with – what ever stage your party business is at.

We deliver content and education from industry leaders.
Providing practical tools and resources allowing you to grow at the pace best suited to you; whether you’re a one person start-up, or wanting to expand your established business.

We talk technology, discuss marketing, and keep you up to date with social media strategies that you can apply in simple, practical terms.

We save you time, money, and effort. We collate relevant information keeping you up to date. We help you focus on the profitable aspects of your business, reducing the overwhelm so you can enjoy the freedom a well run business affords you.

Membership with us is EASY: Educational, Affordable, Smart, You!

We are for industry professionals

As an industry professional you will find useful hints and tips to help develop your business whilst making key contacts with our growing community of stylists and suppliers.


Build the foundation for business success from the ground up.
Or find support so you can take the next step.


We work to bring you up to date training in the most important aspects of your business.


Join a network of industry peers who want to connect with your business.
Grow your contact list so you can call on the perfect supplier for your next event.

Find success that suits you

Your success is governed by meeting your own needs and goals.
We help you discover what success means to you, on your terms.

Don’t wait,
join us now.

Membership is open year round.
Come for a month, stay for a year.

Frequently Asked Questions
How do I know if The Partypreneurs is right for me?

The Partypreneurs is designed with you in mind if you’re a supplier to, or small business who works in the Party & Small Event Industry.

Are you an entrepreneur, solopreneur, small business owner who is feeling isolated and in need of some business support?

Are you in the first 5 years of running your buisness?

Are you struggling with confidence, how to take the next steps, or generally want a supportive space to help you grow your business?

What happens when I join?

When you join us you become part of a supportive industry membership.

Each month you’ll receive an email letting you know what is on for the month with dates, links, and announcing workshops or masterclasses.

You get access to the membership portal with custom built dashboard so you can access all of the information and masterclasses and workshops that have been added.

You join the Private Facebook Membership Group, and we have a WhatsApp group for those who are on FB a little less.

Can I cancel?

For those on month to month memberships you can absolutely cancel at anytime.

Special offers are for the specific period of time you sign up for. Don’t hesitate if you have questions about the time frame and costs for these.

Book an obligation free call with us to see if The Partypreneurs membership is the right fit for your business.